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Word usage examples

And the aileron and rudder controls, and those which governed the pitch and tune of the rotor blades, by whose combined means the little gig could have been brought down to the surface, were out of operation.

Cassidy was reminded of all the backstage fights he had been part of, back in the days when he still had a band: then the times when he was too fucked up on drugs to go out and play, when Jaime and Amad and the session men would haul him away from the mike and into the wings, demanding to know whether he had broken his vow to stay straight for this one gig.

If I could reach Devizesit is nearer than Calne, and I know some of the London coaches do take that roadonly I shall have a portmanteau to carry, and perhaps a bandbox as well, so Oh, Tom, could you, do you think, take me to Devizes in your gig?

When night came, the gig was called away, and Frank, accompanied by the major, Archie, and the coxswain, was set on shore.

Meantime Alec got better and better, went out with Mr Cupples in the gig, ate like an ogre, drank like a hippopotamus, and was rapidly recovering his former strength.

He, Lam, and Dobler stepped into the gig and it powered back to the ship.

She hoisted the supplies she had collectedfood, water, and some heavier weapons and exited the Fiver to the gig.

Cuffe, as he turned away his face, inadvertently bending his eyes on the Foudroyant, nearly under the stern of which ship his gig lay.

With that kind of bread behind me, I could lay on a whole series of special gigs playing anything that turns you guys on.

Their gig at the Astoria was one of three make-up gigs for the London area.